What is Search Engine Optimization and why we need it?

Many website owners believe their site is properly ranked when it is not. Many website owners know they have no search engine presence but do not realize they have the means to achieve it. Also there are many who feel that a fancy looking site will attract customers automatically.

But few realize the importance of getting customers to visit their website. If a customer comes to your site, he has come there for a purpose. No customer will walk into a coffee shop and ask for a tennis bat. The importance factor is that he should be able to find you and know what you have to offer. Web is the ultimate place for selling your products provided a customer is able to find you among millions of websites.

An Internet user mostly relies on Search Engines to search for what he wants. That means your website must be listed in those Search Engines and should be ranked so it comes up in a search result. It will be very rare that you will be spotted on 100th page of a search engine.

After website URL is submitted, about half the search engines will index your website in one form or another. That’s their job, but if your website is not built with search engine optimization in mind, your website will never be found and will disappear among millions of other websites that do not give importance to SEO.

Search engines display what is fed to them from an information stand point. How this information is “fed” to the search engine is where major technicalities come into play. This is where we come in.

If you set up your website properly, your will receive very promising results. Search engines will rank your website based on information they receive from indexing. Thus giving right information to search engines is critical. Better the information, higher the ranking. This is where we will help you.

If we've not delivered the promised results by end of stated time duration, we shall optimize your website after stated time duration for FREE till we deliver the promised results. This is our gurantee.

Bottom line is, we select best traffic generated keywords or phrases to target your audience and optimize your website to place it on first page of Google. This helps your website to reach all your potential customers locally or globally, which in turn will increase your online presence.

There are no set-up fees or hidden charges. Our monthly fee includes FREE Keyword Analysis, FREE On-page Optimization and FREE Article Writing for submission to blogs and online press releases. We also submit weekly report of work done and provide regular project updates.


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